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Bahay Kubo Kahit Munti: G.O.L.D.E.N. NAYONG PILIPINO: Garden of Life: Development, Environment & Nation-Building  

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Greetings to ABANTE Readers, Philippines-wide: Mindanao, Visayas, Luzon: 7,107 islands, 42,026 barangays, 80 provinces, 140 cities, 1494 municipalities; 100+ million Filipinos, families and friends Earth-wide.

On invitation of Nayong Pilipino Chairwoman Patricia Yvette Ocampo, Bahay Kubo Global System, Inc. President Dr. Venerando Catarroja and Chairman, Dr.Jose P.M. Cunanan joined the trip to the Nayong Pilipino @ Clark Field, Pampanga last July 6, 2017 (Thursday). The team was complemented with Dr. Silvino Tejada, Undersecretary of the Department of Tourism and Ms. Cora Guanlao of Butil Party. The visit: ocular and orientation of the site and facilities was intended to integrate rural and urban (rurban) gardening/farming of the Bahay Kubo motif/theme. This is to highlight the abundance and diversity of the Philippine archipelago and the richness of her flora and fauna, people, culture and history.

The Nayong Pilipino Foundation Board of Trustees is composed of Chairwoman Patricia Yvette Ocampo, Executive Director: Atty Caroline Lansang and Trustees: Elizabeth Mercado, Rex Villegas, Alice Manuel, Bishop Efraim Perez, Clarence Bringas and Executive Assistant Kristine Joyce Reano.

G.O.L.D.E.N. NAYONG PILIPINO is a description of the whole Philippines: Mindanao, Visayas, Luzon: 7,107 islands, 42,026 barangays, 80 provinces, 140 cities, 1494 municipalities; and the acronymn G.O.L.D.E.N.: Garden Of Life: Development, Environment & Nation-Building highlights richness of the natural, cultural, historical and social developments.

The introductory tour of the various sites: Heroes Plaza: Rizal, Mabini, Aguinaldo Houses; Barasoain Church; Villages: Kalinga, Ifugao, Aeta; Orchidarium, Plaza, Museum, Restaurant and Stalls.

Rommel Luis, facilities manager; Edison Gatdula, supervisor; Romy Elepante, assistant supervisor; and Richard Cura, nursery director provided guidance regarding the Rural/Urban (RURBAN) Gardening/Farming areas for development:

1. 4000 square meters children’s playground: As the model show case of Bahay Kubo Gardening/Farming with the 18 vegetables in the folksong Bahay Kubo, kahit munti, ang halaman doon ay sari-sari: Singkamas at talong, sigarilyas at mani, sitaw, bataw, patani: kundol, patola, upo’t kalabasa…at saka mayroon pa: labanos, mustasa, sibuyas, kamatis, bawang at luya, sa paligid-ligid ay puno ng linga. Each of the veggies will have an Arkong Balag na Bakal (18 sq.m.) around the Lagoon and Bahay Kubo. Also, Circular Plots of Herbs, spices, variety of leafy veggies, root crops, floral, medicinal and culinary, tea and juices, fresh and pickles.

2. Pathways: Iron Arches to serve as shaded walkways with colorful and fragrant flowering plants as well as Variety of Vertical Vine Veggies: Ampalaya, alugbate, singkamas, sigarilyas, sitaw, bataw, patani, kundol, patola, upo, kalabasa, kamatis, sayote, passion, melon, ube, etc.

3. Livestock & fowl: in tunnel cages: chicken, ducks, quail, rabbit, turkey… free range…

4. Nursery: Integrate Landscaping and Foodscaping: Ornamental and Edible Plants. Seeds, Seedlings, Sale:/Fruit Trees: Coconut as Oxygen Plants for home, schools, offices… Langka (Jackfruit) Biggest Fruit in the whole world: for tree planting in farms, subdivisions, upland, Mount Arayat.

5. Explore and experiment: Make every tree bear fruits all year round with V5: Venture in Variety of Vertical Vine Veggies; and vacant, idle, grassland areas with C5 technology: Crawler, Creeper, Clinger, Climber Crops: Ampalaya, alugbate, singkamas, sigarilyas, sitaw, bataw, patani, kundol, patola, upo, kalabasa, kamatis, sayote, passion, melon, ube, etc. with Bola-Bolang Buto-Buto at Binhi (B5).


And in coordination with the Department of Agriculture (DA), Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and with Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in its National Service Training Program (NSTP) to offer the PAARALANG NAYONG PILIPINO. A Curriculum, Training Course and Aklat ng Bahay Kubo-Nayong Pilipino have been prepared and are available for accreditation and implementation.

The Bahay Kubo as a farming/gardening system is unique world-wide. It is the only agriculture system that has 18 vegetables in one stanza: micro, variety, multi-level production, and with the Balag technology: variety of vertical vine vegetables which are high nutrient and high value. People: Asians, Europeans, Africans, North & South Americans,  Middle Easterners can come to the Philippines as tourists and also learn of the sustainable agricultural production for food, health and livelihood as embodied in Bahay Kubo, kahit munti, ang halaman doon ay sari-sari..

For inquiries, contact: Nayong Pilipino Foundation: Chair Patricia Yvette Ocampo, Kristine Joyce Reano: 09162656380/kjreano@gmail.com;

For more information, contact: Bahay Kubo Global System, Inc., Dr. Jose Pepito Manansala Cunanan, Phone: Smart 09199923630; pepz2002@yahoo.com; pcunanan@gmail.com; Facebook: Jose Pepito Cunanan; Emmanuel Argamosa 09088819906 NetSquare 3rd Avenue cor. 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig emargamosa@yahoo.com Anselmo “Moi” Garcia 09085359645, moi.garcia@gmail.com; Dr. Venerando Catarroja 09995016273: venerando.catarroja@yahoo.com; Dr. Mel Catarroja; Alonita Doctor <nitesdr@gmail.com; nitesdr@yahoo.com; Marian Fernando; Tita Laraya, Limuel Alegario lalegario@yahoo.com; Mar Sajordamarsajorda@yahoo.com; Dan Ricohermoso 09082165916 <dan7riches@yahoo.com;
JUMSA Peace & Development Foundation Inc. & Jumsa Trading Corporation Inc. Princess Jum Unga Angel 09495960803 Main Office: Lampaya, Talipao, Jolo, Sulu jumsafoundation@yahoo.com; Radzma Angel 09982456631. <www:jumsa.foundation.com>; Mabolo, Pagrai, 5 Antipolo, City; Nature’s Thrive: Davao City: Maritess Campomanes Gacotano Alaba, 09079951008 naturesthrive@gmail.com.
Tulay ng Buhay at Pagasa Foundation Inc. Hanbi ICT Center, C-3, Navotas City, (02) 351-2384, tulay@hanmail.net; Dyce Gonzales 09223203513; Nestor Valfongo 09394809419.
C3: Corinthian Coffee Clutch, Corinthian Plaza, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City: Ike Seneres <iseneres@yahoo.com>; Elmer Robles kingflute@pop.network; Jose Z. Osias <jzosias@gmail.com>; Patrick Pineda <pspineda13@gmail.com>; Virgilio V. Leyretana, Sr. vley_martelli@yahoo.com; martelli_ri@yahoo.com; Noly G. Daculan nolyd@hotmail.com; noly.daculan@realistic.ph.

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