Bahay Kubo Kahit Munti: Car Logo: National Capital Region (Series 2)

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Greetings to Abante Readers, Philippines-wide: Mindanao, Visayas, Luzon: 7,107 Islands, 42,026 Barangays, 80 Provinces, 140 Cities, 1494 Municipalities; 100+ Million Filipinos, Families and Friends Earth-wide.

The Certificate of Copyright Registration and Deposit of JMC MOTOR VEHICLE LOGO PHILIPPINES (02017-70) was issued to Jose Pepito M. Cunanan by the National Library of the Philippines of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts as of 17th February 2017.

The Certificate of Business Name Registration of JMC MOTOR VEHICLE LOGO PRODUCTION (04459237) (Regional) National Capital Region (NCR) was issued to Jose Pepito Manansala Cunanan, valid 18 January 2017 to 18 January 2022 by the Department of Trade & Industry.

MOTOR VEHICLE LOGO is a sticker for identification, security and safety for cars and other motor vehicles. With the backdrop of the Philippine flag and the acronym on the sticker based on the names of Philippine provinces, cities and municipalities. This will identify the province, city or municipality where the motor vehicle is registered.

When I got appointed as Missionary in the World Church in Britain Programme in 1984, I was assigned in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England. I was provided a Ford Escort car with a GB (Great Britain) sticker. In 1986 I was invited to serve with the Urban Rural Mission of the World Council of Churches based in Geneva, Switzerland. When we got our VW Golf car it had a CH (Confederacion Helvetica) sticker. Travelling around Europe we joined others with cars bearing their own IDs: F (France), I (Italy), A (Austria), NL (Netherlands), D (Deuchsland-Germany) M (Monaco), E (España, Spain), P (Portugal), B (Belgium) etc…

Since March 2003, I started working on the MOTOR VEHICLE LOGO, PHILIPPINES for Provinces, Cities and Municipalities. As a guideline there will be two letters which will serve as the initials or acronyms. The first letter of the first syllable and that of the second syllable: Abra: AR; Bukidnon: BK, Basilan: BS; Cebu: CB, Romblon: RB, Davao: DV, Zambales: ZB; Sulu: SL;

If two Provinces, Cities and Municipalities have the same two initials, the third sylllable will be used for the second. Bataan: BT; Batanes: BTN; Batangas: BTG; Davao Del Norte: DVN; Davao Del Sur: DVS; Surigao Del Norte: SDN; Surigao Del Sur: SDS

For the 17 Cities of the National Capital Region: (NCR): Caloocan: CLC; Las Piñas: LPN; Makati: MK; Malabon: ML; Mandaluyong: MDL; Manila: MN; Marikina: MRK; Muntinlupa: MT; Navotas: NVT; Parañaque:PR; Pasay: PS; Pasig: PSG; Pateros: PT; Quezon City: QC; San Juan: SJ; Taguig: TG; Valenzuela: VL.

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