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Anne ipinaglaban ang mga bading, tomboy vs Sotto, Pacquiao, Villanueva

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abante-paistaran-dondon-serminoSunod-sunod ang pagpo-post sa Instagram stories ni Anne Curtis tungkol sa SOGIE (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression) Bill.

‘Got messages for my friends form the LGBTQIA community;

‘And even if I stand with my dear friends completely, I still wanted to fully understand what the SOGIE Equality Bill is…’

‘Are you like me? Read this.’ ‘Yan ang ilan sa mga naunang post ni Anne sa kanyang Instagram stories, at kasunod ang pagpo-post din niya ng supporter kit na nakalagay ang mensaheng:

‘The SOGIE (Sexual Orien­tation, Gender Identity and Expression) Equality Bill, also known as the Anti-Discrimination Bill, seeks to protect individuals against sex and gender-based discrimination, which include denial of access to public services, health services, employment, and education.

‘The lower house has passed the bill, which is great. The next thing is for it to be included in the Senate’s agenda. If this happens, it’s going to be the longest bill has reached in the history of the PH. If not, the bill goes back to sleep until the new congress.

‘The truth is the bill has a lot of enemies in the Se­nate, who express loud opposition and hate for the bill. Senator Pacquiao, Senator Villanueva, among others, including the Senate President himself, Senator Sotto.

‘The goal is for us to be able to get the support of those who show hate for the bill.’

Sa kasunod na IG story ni Anne ay personal na niyang mensahe ang nakalagay;

‘My whole team – people I love and spend every day with, are members of the LGBTQIA Community.

‘There’s nothing more I want for them, them than to have equal rights as citizens of this country.

‘And to live a life that is free of discrimination and they can express themselves freely knowing that they are loved and protec­ted by the country they call home.

‘Wouldn’t you agree?

@helenstito, @mannypacquiao, @joelvillanueva

‘I’m sure you have friends or members of you own team that are part of the LGBTQIA community that love and support you. Now is the time to stand with them and give back that same love.

‘Big hugs po.’

Well, kaya pala sa guesting ni Sen. Pacman sa ‘It’s Showtime’ ay iginiit ni Anne ang mensahe na, ‘Love is all we need’ at may kaugnayan pa rin pala ‘yon sa kanyang ipinaglalaban…

Anyway, marami nga ang pumuri sa performance ni Anne sa pelikulang BuyBust, na sabi nga ay parang hindi si Anne ang nakikita nila. Malayong-malayo raw sa Anne na diyosang-diyosa, sosyalera, at ubod ng ganda at linis sa harap ng kamera.

Dito nga raw kasi, bukod sa nakikipagbugbugan na, puno ng dugo, at halos amoy na amoy mo nga raw na parang ang baho-baho ni Anne sa mga eksena niya.

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