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Anne iboboykot sa pagsuporta sa Sogie Bill

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Nanindigan si Anne Curtis sa pagsuporta sa mga kaibigan sa LGBTQIA+. At kahit marami ang bumatikos sa kanya, na kesyo nadismaya sila sa posisyon na ito ni Anne, dedma nal ang si Anne.

Mababasa nga sa Instagram post ni Anne na may kinalaman sa SOGIE Bill ang
pagbatikos sa kanya ng mga follower niya, na ang iba ay nagsabing nawalan sila ng gana na suportahan ang aktres, at ayaw na nilang panoorin ang movie nito.

Anyway, heto nga ang matapang na pahayag ni Anne:

“With the SOGIE Bill hearing recently happening and with such a heated
discussion ongoing about it being passed. I just want to share my thoughts. I am an ally of the LGBTQIA+ Community and have been open about that for years. I have friends and family who are part of this community and whom I love very much. It breaks my heart and saddens me that people are so against the passing of the bill when in fact, it all boils down to equal rights as HUMAN BEINGS… but sadly because of discrimination, a bill like this has to be made…. because, instead of kindness, compassion, respect and UNDERSTANDING it has come to a point where they need this bill to protect their rights as human beings. Equality is all they seek for. Equality regardless of what gender they identify as or how they choose to express themselves and equality as human beings and citizens of this
country… just like all of US.

“I still stand by these words I said for this cover in 2016…
“We are all the same. We are all human beings who deserve a chance and equal opportunities in life. May it be for work, life or love we should be given equal rights”. #comingoutforequality #sogieequalitybill.” (Dondon Sermino)

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