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44 kaso ng qualified theft isinampa ni Kris sa dating kasosyo

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Patong-patong na kaso ang isinampa ni Kris Aquino laban sa kanyang dating business partner. 44 counts of qualified theft charges as well as violation of Republic Act 8484, otherwise known as The Access Devices Regulation Act (RA 8484) ang isinampa ni Kris sa Department of Justice, dahil diumano sa paggamit ng funds para sa personal use nito.

Nakasaad sa reklamo ni Kris sa DOJ-Office of the City Prosecutor in Mandaluyong, Pasig, Makati, Quezon City and Manila, pinangalanan ang respondent na si Nicar­do M. Falcis II, na naging projects manager daw niya since 2016.

“In all, respondent had charged P1,270,980.31 to the KCAP Card for personal expenses without my consent. Prior to my discovery of these expenses and demand for their payment, respondent neither informed me about them nor undertook or made arrangements to settle them,” sabi ni Kris sa kanyang complaint.

Ayon kay Kris, sinubukan ni Falcis na ibalik ang pera, na ipinadala nga raw sa bahay niya ang tseke na nagkakahalaga ng P437,595.67, albeit short of P833,384.64.

Ang attempt nga raw ni Falcis na ibalik ang pera ay pagpapatunay lang na may krimen na naganap, through serious breach of her trust, “which monetary recompensate alone could not make right.”


Samantala, ramdam ang galit ni Kris sa mga nag­labasang statement niya sa dati niyang empleyado na hindi pa rin niya pinangalanan.

“These are portions of a text from Atty. Sig Fortun: Hi Kris. What do you do if you have no defense to a complaint for QT? Delay! That is the current strategy of N****’s lawyers.

“They are asking for the inhibition of the entire San Juan Prosecutors office. And they may do the same thing for the others, probably even the QC court in the civil case. “Reason: you are charming your way to get the prosecutors to rule in your favour and secure an indictment of *****. Mandaluyong prosecutor asks for your attendance on Thursday, November 15 at 2pm. I will attend that hearing with you.”
Heto pa ang kasunod na pahayag ni Kris:

“I had stated I didn’t want to make this a trial based on public opinion, perception, or popularity… But as I am learning pag ganito kabalahura ang ipapakita, katangahan nang maging disente.

“Nakakabaliw na pina-inhibit ang buong San Juan prosecutors’ office.

“Why??? Because my sons were raised with good manners and they showed respect. Hindi ata kinaya nung abugado nung kabila na kahit na pera ng mga anak ko ang pinaglalabanan, automatic kay Kuya Josh na makipag-shake hands bilang pagbigay galang, and normal kay Bimb ang yumakap- kahit sa abugado ng “kalaban”… 

“May pictures bang lumabas na nandun kami? Kung ginusto ko na FULL MEDIA COVERAGE- isang tawag lang po and kami na ang laman ng lahat ng traditional and new media, yet I chose to remain proper.

“Naikwento na ba sa inyo na magmula September 26 maliban sa dalawang araw ng Oktubre, yung kinasuhan ko ay patuloy na nagtatatago sa ibang bansa? NANAHIMIK PO, DI BA.

“Umamin ba na nagpa-test ako for tumor markers and possible leukemia? HINDI- kasi ayokong kaawaan ako. Kaya the presence of autoimmune diseases lamang ang pinag-usapan.

“But they forced my hand, so now you will get my unedited TRUTH.

“Isn’t it an accepted belief that FLIGHT is already an admission of guilt? Or at least an indication of profound fear? You can say many things about me- BUT there must have been something so severe from August to October that occurred for him to now, I am directly quoting his lawyer “fear for my client’s life because of threats made by Ms. Aquino”…

“I am not a killer, but at 12 years old I saw the bloody corpse of an assassinated father. I saw his lifeless body lying on the tarmac of our airport on CNN. And I survived what would have killed the spirit of so many others.

‘Hurt my sons, and I am your lifetime enemy!’

CHARMING HER WAY” – utang na loob. Anong klaseng defense yan? Bakit nung MILYONES ang commissions na kinikita galing sa akin kulang na lang lumalakad ako sa tubig sa pambobola at pagpuri sa akin dahil sa binansagan niyang “Kris Aquino Magic”?

“Let us set the record straight- by default DILAWAN pa rin po ako dahil Aquino ako. Pero dahil wala akong ambisyon pasukin ang pulitika, madali para sa kin ang maging kaibigan ang buong RAINBOW ng Philippine politics because hindi ako kaagaw sa teritoryo.

“And I am a free spirit, I am motivated not by political parties or alliances BUT BY personal chemistry and my instinct for who is good and trustworthy.

“I have said this repeatedly, RESPECT the memory of my parents, most especially my Mom, and do no harm to my children, show the 3 of us affection, respect, and kindness, and I shall reciprocate with friendship and loyalty.

“But HURT my sons, and I am your lifetime enemy. I HATE THIEFS. Because I work to the point of sacrificing my health and I have accepted not having a partner to grow old with- because I will never allow my sons to ever be looked down upon by anybody because they are through no fault of theirs- being raised by a single mom in an unconventional home with no father.

‘Greed made him ungrateful and I was treated like a fool!’

Bakit ba nagalit si Kris? This is the simplest answer. Hindi ako naging salbahe. I was GENEROUS. I didn’t just share my millions, I shared the credit for my career’s resurrection… and I shared my 100% trust.

“He had the same signing privileges for our company bank account. He had an equal credit limit for the KCAP credit card regardless that my company is a sole proprietorship.

“GREED made him ungrateful and I was treated like a fool. There was never even an effort to cover his tracks because a BDO credit card paper trail over just a 3 month period when he had the company credit card, including charges for even ₱95 cups of coffee were left for me to see because all bills were addressed to my home.

“The lack of decency and the lack of respect for the trust I had given destroyed my faith in my judgment of a man’s moral compass.

“And most of all, he made my 2 sons live through their worst fear- that they could lose their mama in the same way I lost my mom. Hindi mababayaran ng millions yung iniyak ng mga anak ko dahil sa takot nilang mawawala ako sa tabi nila.

“I made them 1 promise- I would never again let anybody come into our lives who could break their hearts, and I didn’t live up to that.

‘Hindi ako ipinanganak para magpaapak!’

5 times po kaming sumubok to come to an amicable and fair settlement, every single time they came up with an unrealistic demand- it is a testament to the hubris of this man and how he can manipulate the truth to suit his purposes. In what universe is it that the accused feels he can call the shots?

“I prayed about this, as a mother I want to shield my sons from further stress- but as a human being- MAGKAUBUSUAN NA NG YAMAN (tutal hindi nakaw yung akin) I AM DONE.

“Hindi ako ipinanganak para magpaapak lamang sa taong sinira na ang kanyang pangkatao. Itapon na nila lahat ng putik nila. Kung may naituro na sa kin ang buhay, bakit ako matatakot sa taong hindi nga makabalik para harapin ang mga kaso niya sa kanyang lupang sinilangan?

“Let history speak for itself- from August 1983, when my father’s blood flowed on the tarmac of the airport now carrying his name, we NEVER left. So I challenge this man- I believe you need some “balls”, you no longer have to steal some of mine- I am willing to share because I have much more than I need- they are now ready to be flown to Thailand…

“I am sure Secretary Teddyboy Locsin can help facilitate the delivery care of the Philippine consulate.”

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