HEALTH FRONTIERS: Cocaine side effects

 It’s known as coke, C, flake, blow, toot and snow. But whatever you call it, cocaine is one of the most abused drugs in the world. If you’re using it to get some kicks, you should stop now before it’s too late since cocaine can harm the body in many ways.  

Since it looks like sugar or baking soda, cocaine can easily be sold on the street. As it is often inhaled or sniffed, cocaine usually affects the nasal passages first. Minimal side effects include loss of the sense of smell, sneezing, nose bleeds, or a clogged or stuffy nose. With repeated use, cocaine can destroy the septum and the user may suffer from nasal pain.


WALANG BOLAHAN: Mahal ko siya, pero may pagdududa (4)

Dear Dra. Holmes: (shortened Oct. 15 letter)

‘Yung daddy po ng baby ko, na naghiwalay po kami, kept telling me na mahal na mahal niya po ako. And ako po mahal niya..should I believe po kaya?

Parang hirap na hirap po ako magtiwala uli. I love him and his family tells me ako ang sinasabi niyang mahal niya..dra. Nasa Amerika po siya. I dunno po. May times I’m so in love with him; may times na sobrang I’m in doubt; and may times na galit ako sa mga ginawa niya sa akin..may times po na he is making efforts but may times he’ll turn okay lang... nahihirapan po ako..