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Creamy Delight Pasteurized Yogurt heralds new yogurt revolution among Filipinos

Creamy Delight, Spain’s top quality imported great-tasting yogurt, has finally made its way to the Philippines and is set to revolutionize Filipinos’ yogurt experience.

Made by international dairy industry pioneer and leading Spanish yogurt manufacturer Grupo Leche Pascual, Creamy Delight enables more people to enjoy and benefit from authentic yogurt with real fruit.

This is made possible due to the recent Joint Venture of Asia Brewery Incorporated and Grupo Leche Pascual, forming the newly ABI PASCUAL FOODS company with focus for the Philippine market.

The yogurt for everyone

Ranging from 15 to 20 pesos only, Creamy Delight gives Filipinos the Spanish yogurt experience with its distinct tasty and sweet combination. But in addition to the affordable price, the advanced technology that involves pasteurization is what allows the yogurt to finally break free from the Supermarkets and be also available in the Sari-Sari Stores, as it does not have to be kept in the fridge. Although, it is best served cold!

The luscious yet healthy blend makes Creamy Delight a good source of calcium, proteins, minerals and vitamins. In terms of nutrition, one serving of Creamy Delight is equivalent to 2/3 glass of milk.

According to Dr. Trinidad P. Trinidad, Nutrition Scientist-Consultant, Filipino families should have alternative food sources to help them meet their daily nutritional needs and enjoy the benefits of yogurt such as “Healthy Heart, Strong Immune System, Normal Weight, Well-developed Strong Bones and Teeth, and Good Digestion”.

With Creamy Delight entering the Philippine market, high quality Spanish yogurt is now within reach to consumers from both sides of the spectrum. Yogurt fans can freely indulge and take pleasure in every spoonful of Creamy Delight, which comes in four variants: Flavors, Thick & Creamy, Yogikids and Non-Fat.

“Our heritage is making products that are healthy and satisfy the needs of our consumers worldwide,” says Tomas Pascual, the President of Grupo Leche Pascual. “We take great pride and invest heavily in the highest quality standards that we implement on a daily basis.”

The Creamy Delight secret

At the forefront of the yogurt revolution, Creamy Delight gives Filipinos a taste of the best as it is crafted from only the choicest ingredients

But if there’s anything that truly sets Creamy Delight from its other pre-packaged yogurt counterparts, it’s the process by which it is made and the top quality ingredients. Creamy Delight yogurts are pasteurized using state-of-the-art technology that preserves its nutritional values, allows for non-refrigeration and guarantees longer shelf life of seven months.

In addition, it is made from 100% fresh premium imported milk collected daily from the Fresh fields of Spain and controlled by the highest quality standards, joined with the finest selection of real fruits. The real fruit bits give a good texture contrast to the yogurt’s creaminess.

Teaming up for good health

Recently, Philippine beverage giant Asia Brewery Incorporated (ABI) and Spanish dairy innovator Grupo Leche Pascual (GLP) joined forces to introduce quality yogurt brand, Creamy Delight, to the local market. The newly formed company is ABI PASCUAL FOODS and will operate mainly in the Philippines.

The new partnership signifies a new joint food venture for ABI, which, up until this collaboration with Grupo Leche Pascual, has always been known to provide Filipinos with world-class beverage products.

“We have the same passion for consumers and the same desire to succeed” says ABI Chief Operating Officer Michael Tan. “Now, delving into the yogurt market, we are re-energized and true to our mission of delivering great quality products available to all Filipinos.”

Echoing the sentiment was Grupo Leche Pascual President Tomás Pascual, who said that they are fortunate to have found a partner in ABI, a company that mirrors their own strong heritage of national excellence and reveals that “The Philippine market presents so many exciting new opportunities for us”.

“With Creamy Delight, we hope to lead a revolution advocating for more Filipinos to gain access to all the goodness of yogurt” adds Michael Tan.


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